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4.30 Service

Our 4.30pm "café style" service is a little different to normal church. Although we still sing, pray and hear from God’s word, we sit around tables, and tea, coffee and cold drinks are always available. This tends to give this service a relaxed atmosphere.

The service normally last about 45 minutes, and we also eat a light tea together after the service. You are, of course, welcome to join us!

The sermon is shorter than in the morning, although we still work our ways through the New and Old Testament, making sure we are ready to hear God’s word. During the sermon, we have groups for children aged 0 - 13.

We have Holy Communion at our afternoon service once every two months, and we welcome to the Lord’s Table all who know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Contact Details


Phone: 01606 77277

Address: Greenbank Station House, Chester Road, Northwich CW8 4AG